Vac-U-Lock Leather Ultra Harness with Plug Black Sex Toy Product

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Vac-U-Lock Leather Ultra Harness with Plug Black

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(7 Reviews)
Price:   $108.00

Product Details

  • Weight: 7.20 Ounces
  • Waist Size: Up to 49.00 inches
  • Features: Phthalate Free ,
    Phthalate Free - Phthalate Free products have no esters, softeners or plasticizers.
    Adjustable ,
    Adjustable - A toy that can be loosened or tightened for various degrees of tension.
    Crotchless ,
    Crotchless - A garment designed to be visually erotic that lacks coverage over the area between the legs.
    Lock System Compatible
  • Materials: Leather
    Leather - A durable material that originates from animal skin made smooth and flexible by removing the hair and then tanning.
  • Color: Black
  • Clothing Size: One Size Fits Most
  • Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
  • Brand: Vac-U-Lock
  • UPC: 782421474201
  • SKU: DJ1010-06
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Product Description

Our Leather Ultra Harness with plug is the ultimate in strap on play. This harness has an adjustable waist up to 49 inches, an open crotch for maximum comfort, easy access, and non-slip action; all designed to give you command and control for your erotic pleasures. The Vac-U-Lock plug attaches with snaps. This Harness can be used by women or men. The opening under the plug is high enough to allow the man's penis to hang below. Made with genuine leather.
7 Reviews
Anonymous Verified Buyer
May 11, 2014
Works great
Totally awesome invention makes it so much much easier to have a bunch of toys
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Apr 27, 2012
great product
This replaced an older model and it works a lot better than the older one.
indigo Verified Buyer
Nov 25, 2008
Review of DJ1010-06
the best!!! you would not want to buy another strap on. stays in place worth the money you spend on it. one best on the market
D Verified Buyer
Jul 2, 2008
Review of DJ1010-06
This does not just apply to this one product but the whole vac u lock line. Its is simply the best line of strap-on harnesses and accessories on the market. Its very easily customized and accessories are easily changed out. They offer a wide range of dildos in a number of sizes and colors. The redesign of the 3000 harness allows easy on and off. They make a strap on for everyone giving both pleasure to the wearer and the receiver.
tyger Verified Buyer
Nov 14, 2005
Review of DJ1010-06
I have had my harness for 3 years and it is second to none,I would not use any other it is by far the best product of its kind on the market and well worth the price paid.The fact that one can also buy spares is excellent although I have to say I still have all the original pieces and it is a very well used piece of equipment.I also like the way the dildos are interchangeable,whether using different dildos for different partners or different entrances the manufacturers have developed an incredible product
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Aug 17, 2005
Review of DJ1010-06
Simply put: this is unquestionably the best harness on the market. A harness is stereotypically associated with lesbians or with female dominate figures but that is just the stereotype. The truth is: most women are equally agressive as they are docile; most men require a release from the responsabilities and pressures of daily life laid upon their shoulders in part by the double standard. Therefore, all women and, most importantly, all couples will greatly enjoy the Ultra Harness 3000 as long as it is presented in an understanding and compassionate manner.
Rusti Verified Buyer
Jul 31, 2005
Review of DJ1010-06
This is a must have piece of equipment. Its very well made and with the vac-u-loc system you have many options for pleasure. It worked as well for me when i used it on my girl. It fit and worked as well on my girl when she used it on me....... WOW, what an experience.... Was it worth the price paid?????? God yes.................

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